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More New Stuff!

Well sorry if this is a bit late but for those who haven't seen this yet, it's the latest trailer for SG showing 3 new levels! We also get to see a bit of Classic Tails action and how they amazingly converted the old levels fit to Modern Sonic's gameplay.

News & Announcements 23793SG_euc_act1_22-1280x720-300x168

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News & Announcements Logo10

Well finally we're getting to see Chemical Plant Zone in SG. I'm satisfied with what I've seen with Classic Sonic's stage and was amazed by Sega's new ideas for Modern Sonic's stage! The water slide was full of win and the remix was just plain badass. Well what do you guys think? Share...

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Some of you may have heard of this already but for those who haven't yet, this is the modern music for City Escape which was remade by the same singer years ago! Tell us what you think about this remix of Escape From The City below! Also, Sega officially confirmed Chemical Plant zone for SG and the Metal Sonic boss battle so let's wait for more information about that!


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Happy Belated 20th Birthday Sonic The Hedgehog!!!

Yes, it's our Blue hedgehog's Birthday lat Jun. 23rd and I was only able to do this today because of stuff I've been dealing with on school but hey, it's better to be late than never! Soon I'll be posting some stuff that' been going...

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Another nostalgia trip for you guys! I was roaming around my subscriptions and I happen to stumble upon this classic version of City Escape for Classic Sonic! Sure is catchy, I'll make sure to post the new modernize City Escape once I find it on the net.


- Update End

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News & Announcements Logo10

Here it is, a brand new trailer for Sonic Generations revealing a brand new stage which is CITY ESCAPE!(with a little preview for the next one at the end). Man oh man this just blew me away. The CG cutscene at the beginning...

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New Emoticons!

News & Announcements Logo10


Sorry if I've been lazy for these past few weeks but hey, I finally made seven new emoticons! So yeah, only seven... for now because there will be more coming out soon when I start working on more emoticons! For now it's composed of a normal face, happy, sad, serious, surprised, dead?, and a derp face. Yes, a derp face. xD Yeah, I know it's not that derpy...

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News & Announcements Logo10

A new official gameplay trailer was released hours ago and it's now official, IT'S SONIC GENERATIONS. Mixed play as Classic Sonic on his traditional upgraded gameplay or play as Modern Sonic on his fast blazing 2D/3D gameplay! So far the only stage they showed us is Greenhill Zone but they'll be showing...

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Some few updates

News & Announcements Logo10

Well time for some short updates. For now I've brought back the forum to the previous theme with some changes, the only thing that's needed to be changed is the background to change the feel for everything. Well so far, the forum's slowly being relived again and hopefully this continues.

I also plan on making new and better emoticons and it'll still be Sonic related so don't worry. Those ones will be better and will be used to show...

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Happy New Year!

News & Announcements X-mas_18

Happy New Year!

It's a new year for all of us. A great start to have a new beginning in our lives. I hope 2011 has great things coming for us here in the forum so Happy New Year again to all of us!

:Knuckles 5:

- Forum Founder

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Merry Christmas!

News & Announcements X-mas_18


So it's the 2nd Christmas that GHC will be having so Merry Christmas guys. I'm looking forward for the New Year of GHC so hope you guys had a nice Christmas!

-Forum Founder, Skyle369

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News & Announcements X-mas_18

Well here it is, Greenhill Central is back online for real! More than that, we have this new awesome Christmas theme that I made today! Hopefully the forum will be active again like the old days and also I would be posting some awesome Sonic news while will be seen in the Portal at some time to keep you guys updated on the Sonic universe.

If you guys noticed I changed the GHC logo to a more awesome one, meaning the original theme of the forum is also changed and will be seen around...

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I am now back!

News & Announcements Welg
New domain, just to remind again.

If some of you noticed the forum got less active and I was gone for a long time! Sorry if I haven't made any updates because my computer was broken. So now I'm trying to recover all my files since ALL of my programs got removed and until then, I won't be able to...

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New domain!

Music for the update

This is our new forum domain! Make sure to use it and don't forget to put the "www."...

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After 16 years Since Sonic & Knuckles, a sequel finally appears! Sega reveals that Project Needlemouse is "Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1" but wait, Episode 1? I guess there will be sequels which is awesome! Well Sega is back on the roots of Sonic gaming again and I certainly like the graphics and they added the homing attack! The only Characters that are revealed...

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Some news...

News & Announcements Wel

Well for some few updates since I have not made one a long time now. We are now affiliated with "Angel Island Boards" which is previously "Sonic Boom Forums" for some reasons that Kyo changed his life style, he changed the forum too. So please if you want to, join their forum too because they are the first affiliates of GHC and Kyo is a good friend of mine.Well this may be old but some of you guys already know that Chatbox is connected to AIB boards so we could always stay in touch...

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Some new updates...

News & Announcements Concept_sonic02

Well here are some few updates on the things around here on the forum. First of all, I already made the member groups (FINALLY!) which only took me a few minutes. So anyways I'm gonna post the post requirements in the "Rules & info." section. Also I already made new Emoticons! I'm gonna show them all here in this post so here they are!

:Knuckles 1: :Knuckles 2: :Knuckles 3: :Knuckles 4: :Knuckles 5: :Knuckles 6: :Knuckles 7: :Knuckles 8: :Knuckles...

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Happy New Year!

News & Announcements Sonic

Well its almost New Year here in my country so I decided to make a update! So I turned back the forum to its original theme and I'm almost finished making the membergroups pictures and it will be out around January! Also I thank you guys for being active here in GHC, I remember the times when the forum only has a few members but look at it now, its totally active! Also I'm gonna work on some Knuckles, Shadow and Tails smileys after making the member groups so wait for it!

Anyways this is...

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New Emoticons!

News & Announcements Sonisha031007_2

Well I had a hard time deleting all the previous emoticons since they were SO many and I was very lazy doing it so I had a few time to work on it...
So anyways these are the emoticons that I have installed so that means this is kinda GHC version 3.1

:Sonic 1: :Sonic 2: :Sonic 3: :Sonic 4: :Sonic 5: :Sonic 6: :Sonic 7: :Sonic 8: :Sonic 9: :Sonic 10: :Sonic 11: :Sonic 12: :Sonic 13: :Sonic 14: :Sonic 15: :Sonic 16: :Sonic 17: :Sonic 18: :Sonic 19: :Sonic 20: :Sonic...

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News & Announcements Super_Sonic_by_manaita

Hows it been going?

For now I don't know what else to add or to fix here in GHC so I don't know what to update here XD. Still there are a few members who are active here at GHC but thanks to them the forum is a lil bit alive XD.

So I've been thinking about about making the games for free by just registering huh? What do you think about that because I know some people will be just lazy posting stuff so they wouldn't like that much.

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News & Announcements Sonic_X__Super_Sonic_by_jayu_karisutary

Heck yeah!
Welcome to Greenhill Central V3 and its in Invision style!

There are some new forums to check out and a new layout!
I know it needs a little more work, but hey its awesome now!

Soon here in V3 there will be new Sonic emoticons to use (AWESOMENESS) and new web pages soon because I'm studying htmling.
Also please answer the poll in "Mobius Polls" on what you think about Greenhill Central V3.


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New Updates!

News & Announcements Sonic047-1

Well here are some new updates!

GHC is now on Sega Sonic's Topsites and please vote for it so GHC will be more popular and all XD.

Also, I have installed new forum icons to make it more cooler and I'm also working on a new forum which I could call "Seaside Zone" which will be a great partner of GHC because it will be a Role-playing forum!

And these are the current Moderators

-Free Style

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My new youtube video

Well we got new affiliates and a 1 new member which is "Sol27" and the problem is that we aren't gaining any new members and the forum is not active so here is our plan...

The one who can make a video about GHC and if I really like it, he/she will have a chance to become a Sonic moderator and its only limited unto 3...

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New Affiliates

News & Announcements D03f8073e00e9db3cb0266bb10bc1559

Well now we are affiliated with the forum of my friend "SonicXSS" which is "The Sonic Gathering" which means that GHC has more friends!

Also I have this brand new computer :face: which means I can now go online everytime I want because its mine! I'm still adapting to my new computer because I miss the old one that I had but its still awesome!

If you guys have any questions about affiliating, just pm me and let me...

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New Updates!

News & Announcements Scourge73-1

Well we have just affiliated with SonicFreak forums which is cool because we just gained more friends!
Also you can vote for Greenhill Central in the right side of the forum and please vote for it so that the forum can be popular and more people will come and join!

Also I'm currently putting the Portal and customizing it for a while and try to make a new official website for GHC because webs currently suck!

If you want to affiliate with us, just register...

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Nothing much going on...

So I made a new banner and other stuff and I tried to look for other Sonic stuff and figuring new things out here in the forum so I'm trying to figure out the news thing and etc.

I'm currently trying to affiliate with Sonic Freak Forums

which is awesome because its kinda active!


Oh yeah, whoever can give me a download link of the Sonic Movie, Full version, will
become a...

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As you can see now, there is a new widget called Affiliates and those are the friends
of Greenhill central and the first one is SONICBOOMFORUMS :cheers: .

As for now, I'm waiting for the affiliation of Sonic Freaks forums so we will gain new friends from other forums so if you want to affiliate with GHC, feel free to PM me.

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Help out Greenhill Central

Want to help out Greenhill Central?
Want to get more points?

Then help out!

By making a video in youtube showing Greenhill Central, you can help GHC advertise and make more people come here and by doing that you will recieve..


So post your video here if you made one.

Have fun!

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News & Announcements 2nd_an10

Yes, like what's said, today is GHC's 2nd year anniversary. This forum's gone to a lot of troubles and stuff in those 2 years yet it's still here standing so I'd like to say thank you to the members who kept this forum alive and going. A lot of stuff has changed back then when it was named "Sonic Generations" (Yep, the forum's former name was "SG Forums") and a discontinued forum to replace this which is "The Sonic Act" and no matter how much I try to change it,...

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Looks like someone slipped through Sega's hands and manage to get a footage!
Everything looks great and I already like Sonic's running style! The graphics are awesome but too bad we didn't hear any much of the music but hey, Sonic is back! Hope this becomes a total sucess!

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News & Announcements Sonic3knuckles
Self made edit

Well as you can see I'm currently working on some download photos for the upcoming downloads page here on Greenhill Central. Its gonna be full of classic Sonic games from the Genesis and some of the games are from the GBA and the DS. I might not include SADX, SA2 and some of the others on the page but left instead on the forum for special purposes but I might remove it here. I'm also gonna put the emulators on the download page for the users who will download the roms...

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News & Announcements SonicChristmas

Well Merry Christmas everybody! So I know that some of you are wondering, "What happened to the membergroups" well I want to let you guys know that by next year the new member groups will now be available! Also we have a new GHC banner and a much more better looking one! I hope you guys like it!Also we have a new AWESOME chatbox! Its connected to SonicBoom Forums so you can talk with other members there and meet new friends...

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News & Announcements 2787787744_94e3a50d36

Well it seems that I had time to changed the forum's theme so I changed it! I guess it was pretty easy than I thought so anyways here it is! I hope you guys liked it and advance Merry Christmas to you guys!

:Sonic 9:

Also about the membergroups, I worked on some of the pictures already so don't worry about it not coming out or it will get delayed or stuff. Also thanks to you guys for making the forum a lot more active than before! Well thats all for now and advance...

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News & Announcements Sonicversusshadowbyherms85_2

Well since I'm gonna put up some member groups soon, I need your suggestions on what should I name every rank here in GHC. I need some names for these required posts...

50 Posts - ???
80 Posts - ???
100 Posts - ???
200 Posts - ???
350 Posts - ???
500 Posts - ???
750 Posts - ???
1000+ Posts - ???

Just post your suggestions here on this topic so you can help!

Also the winter theme for GHC will...

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