Sonic the Texture Pack [1.2.3]

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    Sonic the Texture Pack [1.2.3]

    Post by Dragunov the Gunslinger on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:59 am

    A sonic the hedgehog themed texture pack, fairly self explanitory, right? XD
    Some info about this TP:
    -This TP is updating. I have no plans to let it sit as is. You the user can help this with suggestions, which are greatly apreciated.
    -It's 32x32, so you will need MC Patcher.
    -This pack was greatly inspired by sonic vintage, and currently shares some of its textures.
    -This pack is Not strickly vintage. Unlike affinte's pack, This pack will have things not strickly video game vintage. Some textures (currently mostly paintings) are not even confied to the video game universe. I also accept ideas from archie comics, and posibly some fannons of my choice, as well as anything else 'sonic'
    Work-in-progress textures:
    -More paintings [open to suggestions]
    -Custom water [mabye chaos from sonic adventure]
    -Wool with chao [mabye alt. like affinte's]
    -Crafting table [no ideas, please help]
    -The floating thing from sonic colurs as the sun [No idea what the name is and I need a pic]
    Mobs(skins would be great, but I not begging for them ;)):
    -Tails doll as zombie pigman [I've seen him welding a sword and it looks awsome XD)
    -Sub-Boss from angel island in sonic 3 as ghasts
    -Crawler (that spiky worm thing) as silverfish [not sure about this one]

    Ah... Sonic and Minecraft...

    Stone and other blocks like it, including the new cobble!

    New wools, dyes, and lapus blocks, as promised!

    Redstone and minecart stuff.

    Chests, furnces, despinsers, pistons, jukebox, exdra.

    Wood blocks


    Nether blocks.

    End Portal

    Ores, ore blocks, and bedrock

    New costom tools!

    Some other blocks

    New 1.0 items!

    New explotions!

    Strongholds that look like hydrocity zone!
    -Affinte, and his amazing SONIC VINTAGE pack, which (with his permission) I have borrowed some textures from. It can be found here(click the banner):
    -The Mystical Forest Zone, where I got most (if not all) of the spirtes needed to do this.
    You should really check it out, they have some pretty awsome comics
    Do you like it? Then why not share it with others?
     [url=""] [IMG][/IMG] [/url]
    Please give feed back so I can make this the best I can, and thank you!

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