True Story Of Pain...



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    True Story Of Pain...

    Post by Benjamin02 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:37 pm

    Okay, So One Day In A Kingdom Called Chilliwack, BC I Was Walking To School, I Press The Button To Cross The Road... Just As The Light Turns Red And The Walk Signal Turns On, A Friggin Car Comes And Hits Me. The Impact Wasn't Life Threatening But It Was Sure Queer How It Went... The Van Hit Me In The Side And I Rolled On To The Top And I Fell Through The Sun Roof... So As Im Laying There In The Van Wondering What The Hell Happened, They Ask "Are You Hurt?" And I Say: (Actually Said This) "No, I'm Not Hurt, I Just Fell Into A Sun Roof And Im Not In Serious Pain" They Give Me Five Bucks And I Limp My Way To School. The End

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