Metal Sonic Hyperdrive


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    Metal Sonic Hyperdrive

    Post by DarkonMk on Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:46 am

    Download: ?asskgwc8t5laald


    A Full hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, with tons of Features, Brand New Levels, Playable Characters, and more. the build is much like a heavily updated Overdrive, since I changed the name, due to the fans.

    Changes since Overdrive (beta):
    - New and Improved Jumpdash
    - Improved Menu with extra modes
    - Updated and Improved Layouts and Art in Every Level
    - Extra Characters get their own Win theme
    - Shit-ton of Bigfixes
    - New Title Screen
    - Works in Real Hardware (thanks to robivy64 for testing)
    - Few of the soundtracks are changed
    - Collect the Chao Emeralds just by jumping through the Giant Ring disregarding the Special Stages
    - I think there more :b

    Vladikcomper - Destroy Enemy = Ring code (only for Somari)
    Hcktrox - Menu and Music
    Nineko - Music
    CS and Yuski - Metal Sonic Sprites
    Quricodoido - few Music
    GHFusion - Chaotix Music
    Mercury - Editable Walljump sourcecode
    Esrael - S2 Level Select
    MarkeytheJester - Sonic Crackers Music
    Selbi - Super Peelout
    Tweaker - Sound Driver

    One Day, after the defeat of Dr'Eggman by the hands of Sonic. Eggman decided to build a Power Armor sult based off EggRobo and travel to Mobius to capture Sonic and Tails by sending them into a Cosmic portal to trap them, but luckily, Tails escaped. he knew that Sonic is missing and he decided to sneak into Eggman's HQ and grab the parts of Eggman's robots and pieces. Tails later go to his home in the Mystic Ruins and created a new robot, based off Metal Sonic classic model, Codename: METAL. with the ability to feel and behave almost exactly like Sonic, with a special move to directly Jumpdash in any direction, and Walljump through unreachable places. Tails was able to track Eggman to where hes heading by using his Radar, so Tails send Metal Sonic to Resort Isle, where Eggman was heading to. in hopes to find Sonic and Destory Dr'Eggman once and for all.

    Eggman later decided to create a mystic portal into other worlds to make his Egg Empire bigger then before,
    sending his robots to Kirby, Somari, and Darkon's Worlds attempting to destroy everything in its Path.
    the madness has just begun.

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